Goh Zheng Long

Welcome to my website


Hi my name is Zheng Long and i am currently studying in Singapore Polytechnic, as a Diploma in Information Technology student.

I like to play online games with my friends such as League of Legends, Maplestory, CSGO and many other various MMORPGs that we come across and we have tried many games together. I enjoy talking to my friends, going out with them. I dislike being criticised by my own friends and family. I dislike people without personal space

I have also learned how to use screen recording and video editing softwares to record and create, edit recordings, and turn them into a video, I mostly use it for recording gameplays and uploading videos onto youtube as a personal hobby.

Personal Information

Name: Goh Zheng Long

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 08/07/1996

Nationality: Singaporean