Goh Zheng Long

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  • Fluffy Furball
  • A one-stage game i made for an individual project during Higher Nitec. It is a platformer game where the player play as the fluffy furball, collect as many flies as possible and finish the game.

  • Unreal Engine Level Design
  • I designed this map on Unreal Engine for an assignment on level designing, it is a first person shooter game map design.

    Fluffy Furball


    The flies are the "Points" of this game and by collecting them it increases your game highscore, on the top left shows both the number of lives you have and how much points you have gathered.


    Halfway through the game you would come across these black and white checkered flags, these are checkpoints. Once the player touched/obtained a checkpoint, they would be sent back to the spot where they touched/obtained the checkpoint every time they lose a life.


    At the end of the level you will see a black and purplish portal, this portal will take you to the end of the level. After the end of the level, screen will show your highscore.

    Unreal Engine Level Design

    Overview Moonlight Inside Castle Outside Castle